FAQ for Traveller

Kiilo enables travelers to earn from their extra luggage space by connecting them to shippers. Factors such as travel itinerary and air-courier shipment are some of the things we consider in matching the client to you.
If and when there is a match, travelers and clients can contact each other to coordinate on logistics.
Travellers are notified immediately through our automated system whenever their luggage space is sold.
For that reason, we leave each listed trip "open" up until 48 hours before the time of departure. If no luggage space has been sold by that time, we send an automated email to you, the traveler, notifying you that we were unable to find a buyer.
All travelers have the right to inspect their shipment(s) prior to packing. Travelers must make sure the items you received are the same as declared by the shipper.
You should not agree to shipping money, documents, medicines, plants or other organics, agriculture, prohibited drugs, explosive and incendiary materials, flammable items, gasses and pressure containers, oxidizers and organic peroxides, poisons, infectious materials, corrosives, radioactive materials and other common restricted item.
We encourage that you research the origin and destination’s bag/item restrictions. It will differ from some countries.
For sports equipment, there is a need to add an extra fee for handling. Kindly coordinate additional payment from shipper.
Easy! First, create an account in Kiilo and submit the required documents and details on our website. Once completed, list all your upcoming flights and space allocation you wish to offer per flight.
After uploading all information, wait for the shipper to contact you.
You can offer a minimum of 3 kilos and a maximum of 100 kilos.
All travelers get paid thru Paypal.
Enter your Paypal email address upon requesting a Payout. After completing a full transaction, you will be paid in full within 48 hours.
Kindly note that we will add more payment methods in due time.
Our service promotes safety at every step. We only accept and allow items which were sourced thru accepted e-commerce sites (amazon, sephora, walmart.com, etc.). We also allow/encourage our travelers to inspect the items and verify all information.
Kiilo allows for both domestic travel and international travel deliveries.
You can earn as little as USD50 to USD600 depending on the distance and weight bought by the shipper. Please note that you may only accept a maximum of 15 kilos per trip.
Of course! This is recommended. Do invite your friends and publish the URL of your listing on your social media websites to gain more traction.

FAQ for Shippers

You're just a few steps away from saving up to 50-60% on your domestic and international shipping costs.
Simply create an account with us and complete the registration process. Once you have accomplished all the requirements you may begin to look for travellers willing to carry the items on your behalf.
These are the standard requirements we’ll be needing from you before you can ship with Kiilo
  • Shipping origin (Include city & state/province/country/municipality)
  • Shipping destination (Include city & state/province/country/municipality)
  • Estimated shipping volume
  • Types of materials being shipped
We advise all shippers to source items though a valid e-commerce site such as Amazon (US), Zalando (Europe), Lazada, Zalora or Rakuten (Asia) and many more.
To avoid complications, kindly check the allowed items for checked-in baggage on the country of origin of the item to be shipped. (i.e. plants cannot be shipped in some airports back to home country)
We do not allow money and documents for shipping (See item #6).
Or you can ask the traveler for a "favor", this is where you ask the traveler to buy the item for you (i.e. A specialty store, antique shop, department store), simply look for the Favors feature and place a sample of what you need. The traveler will notify you if the is something they can do for you.
Before purchasing the item, the sender must first contact the traveler matched thru Kiilo. Once you and traveler agree on the item and size to be shipped, you may now proceed with the payment to book the space allocation agreed. An email notification will be sent afterwards to verify booking.
After this, you may now start shopping. Input the shipping address given by the traveler to the e-commerce website where you will be getting your items from.
Communication is key!
We made some conditions for your security. Please see below:
  1. Our travelers are only paid after a fulfilled shipment. If the item shipped did not reach you, your points stays in your Kiilo account.
  2. You will be able to see the identity of the traveler and will have the ability to communicate with them using our internal messaging system. This will also help you learn about the status of your delivery.
We DO NOT allow legal documents and any form of currency to be sent thru travellers.